About Us

Our Vision To become your complete integrated Supply Chain Partner

Our Mission To deliver supply chain solutions planned to keep fleets and system operations timely organized and safe

As an independent Distributor, we can source components from across the world, utilising our purchasing hub in Asia and global distribution network. We work with our network of suppliers to help our customers manage the market conditions, continue to meet their commitments, and grow their businesses.
We understand the importance of quality supply, which is why it is an important part of our business. we add our own bespoke quality processes. These ensure that our customers can always be confident in the integrity of the supply chain. Being independent, we can be much more flexible in our approach and our ability to make decisions on sourcing, financing, stocking etc.to prevent problems in our customers’ supply chains.
Our leadership and management teams are hands-on and responsive, and the entire Innovision team is focused and empowered to deliver a personal service to meet customer’s requirements. Being independent, we can be much more flexible in our approach and our ability to make decisions on sourcing, financing, stocking etc.to prevent problems in our customers’ supply chains.

Our Core Competencies

Our core competencies are providing our clients to meet their requirements with quality parts through various channels with prompt and committed delivery due to our team being available across multiple jurisdictions.

We are here to offer our clients, products and after sales servicesto ensure customer satisfaction up to closure. Our flexible approach and global presence will ensure to meet your business requirements.

Why Choose Us?

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Beginning to End Traceability


We constantly monitor our customers’ needs to meet their productions requirements and schedules to avoid line stoppages or delays. We are able to provide our customers with an inventory backup and Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery.


Excess stock ties up your cashflow and warehouse space, not to mention de-valuing over time. We can work with you to buy your excess components and free up your resources to be efficiently utilized.


We provide guarantee for all our supplies, purchased through us. In case if there is any deviation from the manufacturer standard specifications, we guarantee you a one-to-one replacement within the stipulated time. Terms and conditions apply.


For your Design and Development activities, samples are supported to provide you minimum quantity with rapid deliveries wherever possible of all major line items from our large stock. For non-stock items, we can procure through our catalogue vendors and provide you with a consolidated delivery in a timely manner.


At times multiple vendors transactions are quite complicated and time consuming. We can offer you the benefits of vendor consolidation. As a single point of contact, we can provide services within your budget and time, enabling your procurement to become easier, leading to minimal freight charges on multiple shipments and avoidance of following up with multiple vendors.


Our Logistics department comprises of an experienced team that provides reliable services with strict guidelines to prevent any delays or hidden charges while processing shipments globally. We document and maintain complete records of end-to-end traceability of the components procured and supplied. We extend our support further to our customers by accepting different modes of payment such as wire transfers, letters of credit and other approved means of payment.